BUSLAM is a Corporation that is dedicated to servicing the construction and real estate industry in a complete and thorough manner. To accomplish this BUSLAM has equipped itself with a variety of necessary licenses that allows it to offer a complete array of services in its respective industry, such services are categorized as follows:

County and State Qualification

Green Builders

Miami Dade County Registered Vendor

Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Community Small Business Enterprise (CSBE)

Micro Small Business Enterprise (Micro-SBE)

Section 3 Qualified

Miami Dade County Public Schools (Small Business Enterprise)

Miami Dade County Public Schools (Minority/Women Business Enterprise)

Miami Dade County Public Schools (Micro Business Enterprise)


CGC 1507018        

CCC 1325575            

SL 3236102


01. Conducting market research

02. Conducting site selection

03. Conducting feasibility analysis

04. Creating pro forma projections

05. Creating financial projections

06. Budgeting and scheduling

07.Quality control

08. Structuring financial elements

09. Negotiating financial elements

10.Implementing project marketing

11.Implementing leasing strategies


01.Preliminary market analysis

02.Sell & leasing strategies

03.Sell listing, contract & documents

04.Buyer lender approval process

05.Directing final sells process

06.Lease listing, contract & documents

07.Final leases occupancy process

08.Rent collection & maintenance

09.Property management

10.Property inspections coordination

11. Final Market Analysis

Design - Building

01. Construction documents

02. Permit processing

03. Developing construction budgets

04. Monitoring the budgets

05.Managing construction scheduling

06.Ensuring project quality & tech

07.Ensuring project safety compliance

08.Status reports and site documents

09.Directing final project close-out

10.Repair, maintenance & remodeling


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