Mr. Ivan Busto III. 

Mr. Ivan Busto III. is a third generation of professionals involved in the industries of Construction, Real Estate and Development, my father and grandfather have had proven and tested track records of expertise in these areas for over 30 years, first working for several developers and in 2002 founding BUSLAM “Your Respected Friendly Group”, which today is a name and brand recognized for its professionalism and proficiency in the Florida market.


With a bachelor degree in finance and extensive knowledge of the construction industry my goal is to take my family business to heights of unsurpassable achievement both in customer service and leadership.

Mr. Alberto J. Valencia
Project Manager

Mr. Alberto Valencia (Roofing Contractor Qualifier) has the responsibility of providing BUSLAM with yet another


Mr. Valencia allows BUSLAM to utilize his expertise to the full extent of the word, and also brings to the BUSLAM leadership team a knowledgeable outlook of the roofing construction aspect of business, backed by an extensive resume in the field.

Mr. Ivan Busto Jr. 

Mr. Ivan Busto Jr. (Chief Executive Officer and General Contractor Qualifier) has the responsibility for the strategic direction of BUSLAM with the best interests of the shareholders,

customers, associates and the communities within which BUSLAM operates.

Throughout his entire career experience Mr. Busto Jr. has developed and executed upon strategies that have resulted in long-term company value. These strategies have balanced risk management, relationship growth and profitability through multiple business cycles. Mr. Busto Jr. has a range of front-line management and executive leadership experience in business development and risk management, in all aspects of the commercial and residential business environment. Mr. Busto Jr. started his professional career very early in his home country of Cuba, with a career in physics teacher and civil engineering, he developed extensive problem solving skills that would make him an asset to any organization.

Mr. Luis Perez
P.E - Designer

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Mr. Carlos Rodriguez
P.E - Designer

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