Our Past Defines Us!

Our founder Mr. Ivan Busto Sr. and his eldest son and Civil Engineer, Mr. Ivan Busto Jr. possess a proven track record as professionals in the industries of Real Estate, Construction and Development for over 30 years, first working for other developers and subsequently founding in 2002 BUSLAM "Your Respected Friendly Group”, which today is a name and brand recognized for its professionalism and competence in Florida.


Initially father and son maintained their respected company like a family business, based on the traditional mindset that everything must stay away from associations and the possibility of colliding with opportunistic individuals. Later, with the inception of Mr. Ivan Busto III BUSLAM’s current president, this traditional attitude changed, after the founders comprehended that in order to really grow and to carry out their family dream of offering highly professional services to a larger segment of our society , we should direct our strategy towards a capital injection that allows us to offer our services to a broader group of customers , that's when this decision becomes the critical link that drives our company to the first levels of recognition and acceptance of, Our Respected Friendly Group.


"I relied on my father and my son ," says Mr. Ivan Busto Jr. , CEO of BUSLAM , "because really we have written together our own history, learning from our successes and failures , anyone with common sense knows that experience is very important, but to oppose the new is the beginning of the end of any dream , so I'm convinced that the mixture of honesty, integrity, experience, training, investment and new technology is what keeps us today in the forefront of the major suppliers of our product and services, and for this we also show a great deal of gratitude to our family of investors and customers".

"we take pride in what we do"  


BUSLAM is a single entity trained , certified and licensed to offer services ranging from real estate acquisition, planning and management of new development, project design, processing, approval of plans and permits, project implementation or construction, marketing the finished product to administration of the finished product either short, medium or long term for all inventory held. We are not a licensed real estate broker who needs to be associated with a construction company or vice versa to assist a client, we are enabled to develop and implement a turnkey project from commencement to completion without searching for affiliations outside our company and increased overhead costs.


In BUSLAM we are not focused on closing a business transaction for the sole satisfaction of profiting, we are focused on a vision of growth and development in our service quality, and offer such services to a wider range of clients. We respectfully offer you the opportunity to be part of our respected friendly group and make it, “Your Respected Friendly Group”.


We are confident that with our diverse experience and ability BUSLAM should be a valuable "asset" for you from the moment you decide to use the services of our company.

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